Carol Ingley has lived her life based on her passions.  One passion is helping companies move forward in powerful ways, helping them create new products and services, helping them improve their bottom line and turning around companies when necessary.  Now that passion is more refined -- help companies in the digital age be all they can be, now that voice, data and video are all digital. 

More than two decades ago, Ingley  foresaw the importance of convergence.  She was so thrilled that analog TV finally was mandated to convert to digital TV that she wrote a book called Digital or Dark, explaining exactly what was happening and what digital TV was.

Ingley is equally passionate about the benefits of the digital age for the individual and believes that the digital and information revolution brings enormous power to each of us.  To provide a framework for change in the digital age, she has authored the book The Digital Mindset.

She has spent much of her career in the mobile and wireless industries.  The framework she uses in consulting is to mesh the big trend framework that she has created with the convergent framework.  She couples those frameworks with financial and market expertise to help companies create more revenue and streamline operating expenses and capital expenditures.

She heads up Media Mogul Enterprises LLC with its three divisions:


Media Mogul Press

Be a Media Mogul

An early passion of Carol Ingley was playing piano.  It got her father's attention, too!

At age eight, she created her first company, along with three partners of similar ages, called the Little Star Theater.  It was a production company and produced plays.  There was already a Star Theater in town and the name was chosen to differentiate the company in the marketplace.  One to two plays were produced each year and had very short runs, i.e., Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day, over the course of about five years.

A Christmas gift of a chemistry set at age eleven sparked a lifelong interest in the sciences.  And with a father who was a scientist, there was plenty of early training in analytical thinking. 

She has found that what gives her life balance is  having both the sciences and the arts play major roles.